Workshop Held On Food Waste Reduction To Minimize Landfill Gas, Feed Homeless

From NewsChannel5

Several local restaurants came together to save money and help Nashville.

Monday, the restaurant organizations met for a Food Waste Reduction and Diversion workshop in support of Mayor Megan Barry's "Food Saver Challenge."

That challenge has been set to minimize landfill gas, help feed the homeless, and reduce food costs.

So far the groups have found two possible ways to keep wasted food out of landfills.

"That could be either edible food that can go to non-profits to be used, or if it's perishables that have passed their time, they can be used to make compost and keep them out of the landfill,” said Jay Sheridan.

Neither idea has been set in stone, but those involved in the initiative said it's a good start. 

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Jay Sheridan